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이슬람 칼럼 [Column]

10-14 1847
이 글은 전직 MI-6 요원이자, '레지스탕스: 이슬람 혁명의 에센스'(Resistance: The Essence of Islamic Revolution)의 저자인 알라스테어 크룩이 쓴 글입니다. 이라크에 갑자기 출현한 'IS(이슬람 국가)'는 서방국가에 작지 않은 충격이다. 서구는 IS의 난폭성에 경악하는 동시에, 수니파 젊은이들이 IS에 왜 그렇게 큰 매력을 느끼는지도 의아해 하는 중이다. 서구에서 더 이해하기 어려워하는 것은 이런 위험한 사건 전…
09-26 2062
Signals of jihad in Australia have been building for years Five men of middle eastern appearance sit near their smashed car after being taken into custody by police when they drove into Cronulla on December 12, 2005. Photo: Simon O'Dwyer The knifing of two police officers by 18-year-old Numan Haider at Endeavour Hills Police Station in Melbourne on Tuesday night is not a new threshol…
08-10 3141
Here's what the Prophet and the Quran really say about how to treat the two faith groups The news coming out of Iraq is really devastating. The violent extremist group known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) continues to take over major parts of Iraq, brutally killing and oppressing any and all who come in their way. The worst of ISIS has been unleashed on Shia Muslims, Christians, …
06-23 1551
Daniel Molyneux After the Sept. 11 attacks it was said, “Islam is a religion of peace.” Some version of this phrase is repeated again with each new attack. It appears to be based upon the belief that all religions are peaceful and the same. The truth is, all religions are not the same. Some are more militaristic than others. Islam has many good and peaceful attributes, and millions of …
06-18 1929
Why the issue of the Islamic veil? It rests at the center of the clash between Islam and the West.The veil seems to be used to keep the "wrong" men -- those who are not close male relatives or guardians -- at a distance. Relations between the sexes, apparently, must be controlled, the more rigorously the better. There is also the assumption that women are worth less than men [Qur'an 4:3; 4:34; 4:1…
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