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[이집트] Egypt religious scholars reject ISIL fatwas as anti-Islam

무슬림사랑 2015-01-07 (수) 01:36 4년전 1435

Fatwas issued by the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) in 2014 to justify acts of violenceit is committing in Syria and Iraq have drawn sharp condemnation from Islamic religious institutions in Egypt, led by Al-Azhar and Dar al-Iftaa.

Over the past year, the Takfiri Fatwa Observatory -- a department established by Dar al-Iftaa early in 2014 -- issued several detailed reports denouncing such fatwas and responding to them in a scholarly manner with jurisprudence rooted in the Qur'an and the sunnah, Observatory officials said.

In 2014, ISIL issued numerous erroneous fatwas that have nothing to do with true Islam, in an attempt to use jurisprudential pretexts to justify its crimes, said Sheikh Ibrahim Negm, advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt and an Observatory official.

"ISIL used these fatwas to lure youth, both men and women, to join those ideologically deviant and conventionally and humanly aberrant organisations in order to extend their influence over a patch of land, and to claim the establishment of an Islamic state and install themselves as guardians for all Muslims of the world, using ways and means that violate Islamic sharia and are against the rules and principles of Islam," Negm told Al-Shorfa.

The fatwas ISIL issued in 2014 include some that "aimed to cover its crimes against women , which violated all the provisions and principles of Islam concerning the treatment of women in wartime", he said.

"This group killed and subjugated women and brought back slavery in order to once again sow sedition, corruption and abomination on earth, all of which are crimes Islamic sharia law calls for combating, not condoning," Negm said.

Such groups, he said, operate on "the principle of eliminating others of different views, religions and sex, which confirms that these terrorist organisations are far-removed from Islam and its teachings of tolerance".

Dismantling the ideological structure of terrorist groups and exposing them publicly, in local languages, have become the duty of every Muslim, Negm said.

The Observatory issued its most recent report on December 7th, detailing ISIL violations of the provisions and principles of Islam in general, and its treatment of women in particular.

"All ISIL fatwas issued before and during 2014 were political and media tools used to deceive naive and uneducated youth into fulfilling its explosive and destructive agenda," said Islamist affairs researcher Nageh Ibrahim , who authored the ideological revisions of the Islamic Group, which renounced violence in Egypt more than a decade ago.

ISIL and other such groups committed methodological and jurisprudential errors in their interpretation of verses on jihad in the Qur'an "on both the conceptual and practical levels", he said.

Ibrahim said ISIL elements who issue fatwas "do not have the slightest understanding of the jurisprudence of consequences and outcomes, the jurisprudence of weighing benefits and harm, or the slightest understanding of the jurisprudence of purposes".

"Is it rational that all the fatwas issued by this organisation seek to legitimise killing, and the rape and enslavement of women, as they did to minority Yazidi women in Iraq?" he asked.

Confronting such extremist views and fatwas must be a priority in the fight against extremist organisations, said Mohammed Salem Abu Assi, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Al-Azhar University.

"These organisations use fatwas to justify their crimes, killing and bloodshed and to force people to convert to Islam," he said.

"Jihad in Islam is a tree. Its roots are dialogue, not the sword, as many would believe. The Qur'an indicates it means dialogue," he said, adding that extremist groups claim to use jihad "to eliminate 'disbelief'" while in fact they are "spreading their crimes and killing people".


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