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[섹스 지하드/성노예] Jewish Girl Converts to Islam, Begins Getting Bad Grades, Plotting to Kill Parents

무슬림사랑 2014-10-20 (월) 06:38 4년전 969  


Here are five signs that your formerly Jewish daughter might be about to join ISIS

1. She now wears a Burqa

“Today her face is totally covered”

2. She hates Jews… and not just in an Open Hillel way

“she is an extreme anti-Semite”

3. Her grades have hit the levels considered appropriate by Islam for a Muslim woman

“Signs of a problem first were raised when her parents found their daughter’s grades had dropped “from 90 to 10″

4. She wants to blow up your store for Allah

“Imagine their horror when they found out their daughter had plans to blow up their store”

5. She converted to Islam

If you’re in a pinch you can just boil it down to “converted to Islam”.

ISIS gets its dumbest recruits from the ranks of converts. So do other terrorist groups. A Muslim convert is like the guy who volunteers for everything. He really believes this stuff. And he’s too stupid to know that he’s just being used as cannon fodder. If he is a she, then she is too stupid to know that her real job in Syria will be making new Jihadists.

Islam isn’t about race. No matter how much Ben Affleck may whine. It’s about an ideology. Just like Nazism or Communism. The practitioners of all these ideologies hate Jews and want to kill them. Anyone who is stupid enough or evil enough can join that ideology.


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