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[탈레반(아프카니스탄)] 탈레반 아기 몸에 폭발물 숨겨

무슬림사랑 2018-01-27 (토) 17:45 1년전 599


Recently security forces in Kunduz province discover a fourth month infant with explosive materials in his clothes. 

The implacable terrorists intended under the cover of the infant, transfer the explosive to Kunduz city commit another inhumane crime once again.

BNA reporter says writes: the move of Taliban indicates that they are not restricted to any reason and do any hideous act; even they have no mercy to the rights and life of an infant. The reason is Taliban know nothing about Islamic teachings and the human rights. 

The ignorant Taliban who were carrying the explosive materials in the body of the infant under his clothes have been arrested by police.
National Security Directorate says carrying an operation they have arrested five terrorists while entering Kunduz city. 
According that security organ the explosives which was carefully hidden in the body of the infant discovered and foiled. In connection to case five people including a woman arrested.

The inhumane act of Taliban raged the hanger of people and severely condemned. 
Taliban who claim of being the true followers of Islam using children in performing their terrorist programs have an evil past. 
Once one of the members of this notorious group in Helmand province had his eight year old sister to carry out terrorist attack, but she surrendered herself to security forces. 

In Uruzgan, Taliban gave a remote control mine to a small girl to take to police post, when she reached close to security post, they exploded the mine and committed a crime against all humane values. 

Likewise, the suicide attack on French Cultural Center was carried out by a child. In Kunduz security forces arrested a child who was assigned to carry a suicide attack. Also, suicide attack on Tabiyan Cultural Center was performed by three children.  In addition to the above mentioned criminal acts, Taliban have used children for transporting narcotic drugs, weapon trafficking and other crimes even beheading of the captives. 

Sowita Abulrahizai the deputy chief of Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan in children section says the children are the most vulnerable class of the society are innocent and need to be cared and supported.

Using children in armed conflicts is the most brutal and vicious act in the society, because such acts categorically banned by Islamic sharia and enforced laws of the country. 

We ask the government to severely punish the people who commit such ominous acts in order the others not use children in conflicts, because they are innocent and have the right to live. 
Taliban in recent years have acted more violently than before, because they have comprehended that their slogans have no any attraction among the people and the people knowing their genuine nature and affiliation express their anger and hatred against them. 

영문기사: http://thekabultimes.gov.af/index.php/opinions/politics/16147-taliban-use-a-four-month-infant-for-terrorist-activities.html

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