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[헤즈볼라(레바논)] 헤즈볼라 ISIL 이슬람의 기본 원칙을 위반 ..승리 때까지 싸울 것

무슬림사랑 2014-06-18 (수) 12:18 5년전 1992

헤즈볼라 사무총장인 Sheikh Qassim가 ISIL의 공격은 테러 단체의 만행임을 강조하며 이라크 전쟁에 참여할 것을 말했다.

Sheikh Qassem: ISIL Violates Axioms of Islam, Hezbollah Will Fight till Victory
Local Editor

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the Arab and the regional countries which have supported the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) will witness the atrocities of the terrorist group within their borders.

Sheikh Qassem added that who thinks that he can attain his goals through supporting ISIL crimes is misled, condemning the silence of some of the Arab countries in the face of the massacres which have been committed by ISIL terrorists.

His eminence hailed the security measures which have been taken by the Lebanese army and security services across the country to encounter any possible terrorist threat.

Sheikh Qassem asserted that Hezbollah will keep in the battlefield till it raises the right's flag, noting that the takfiri groups violate the axioms of Islam and pose a real danger against all the humanity.


레바논의 이슬람교 시아파(派) 교전단체이자 정당조직. 
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